Welcome to my little corner of the world.

I’m Jenn. I want to help you feel FIERCE, FUN and FANTASTIC!

Can you even remember the last time you felt all three of those feels…at the same time?

Isn't it about time that we drop our warrior’s swords and play like we’re 50 years old???

I definitely think so!

Because if not now, when?

Let's dive in and...
Get moving on that book you've always wanted to write...

Kindle your creative chutzpah....

Start a Joy Journey...

Embody the courage and confidence you need to say HELL YES! to life's invitations.

Here’s what I do and why I do it.

I nurture Joy Journeys.

I help women like you tap into their courage, confidence and creative chutzpah so they can live their wonder-filled lives on purpose and express themselves in ways they hadn’t previously imagined.

I guide women through their AHA moments, mentor them through the twists, turns and pivots on their path, and empower them to rise up to be the force of nature they are meant to be.

I do this because it’s my joy work to do now…. because I have learned so much from own periods of reinvention… because we could use the reminder that there are other ways to move forward, to leap in and to leap up…because we need circles of women gathering together to create the world that gives us space to thrive.

I am mapping and navigating my own Joy Journey, reshaping the kind of life I want to live in my 50s, 60s and beyond. I’m discovering all the versions of Genius Energy in My Space… my G.E.M.S., as I call them. And, there is plenty of room on my boat as we set sail on this treasure hunt.

I hope you join me and see what this quest uncovers.

Jenn Baljko, from Always on My Way's Fierce Awakened Women mentorship program, captivates the audience as she shares her extraordinary journey of walking from Barcelona to Bangkok. In this podcast interview, Jenn recounts the challenges, triumphs, and personal growth she experienced during this epic adventure, inspiring listeners with her resilience, determination, and unwavering spirit.

A Short Version of My Story.

I’m Jennifer Baljko. Please call me Jenn. Yes, I’m a two-n Jenn…because I like the way two Ns roll into something that sounds like a short hum.

A long time ago, in a land faraway, I worked as a beat reporter covering local news and politics for a daily newspaper in New Jersey. I scaled the ranks to higher editorial positions at business and technology publications in New York City and in Silicon Valley. I developed an obscure expertise in understanding global supply chains and logistics operations, something almost no one knew anything about until the pandemic spotlighted the challenges of getting products from point A to Point B. I broke out on my own in 2004, and have been self-employed ever since.

I have a nomadic pull and fill my cup with wanderlusting daydreams. I have traveled to and stayed in more than 50 countries and called New Jersey, California and Catalonia home. 

Now, I’m a mentor, guide, inspirational speaker, author, motivating way-maker, entrepreneur, and a lifestyle-changer. 

Oh, and I’m a walker…a very long-distance walker. I slow-stepped across two continents from Bangkok to Barcelona, finishing that 16,000-kilometer adventure a few months before the first wave of Covid confinements locked down the world.

Jenn Baljko, from Always on My Way's Fierce Awakened Women mentorship program, fearlessly pushes boundaries as she embarks on an incredible walking journey. This captivating image captures Jenn's determination and adventurous spirit as she explores new horizons, inspiring others to embrace their own journey of self-discovery and personal growth.

I am an intuitive, soul-centered and ambitious woman. I liken myself as the air fueling fire, and the fire that heats the air so we, like hot-air balloons, can rise and witness life from the eagle’s vantage point. I’m a triple-Capricorn, with my Sun, Moon and Mercury steadily climbing the sea goat’s mountain. My ascendent and Venus are at home in Aquarius, and I have a never-ending well of fun and innovative ideas bubbling up at any given moment. I’m embracing my fiery Mars in Aries and my midheaven in Sagittarius. I’m a manifesting generator with a 6.2 lean towards being both a hermit and a role model, so yeah, I'm exploring all aspects of my life, my long-term impact and the accumulated lessons I’m meant to share now. My favorite tarot cards are the Star and the Hierophant. Oracle cards, meditative journeys and sigils satisfy my mystical and woo hankerings.

I created Always on My Way in 2020 to be a creativity hub, a place where we all can move, meditate, make, and muse – unapologetically, without shame and with delight.

These four pillars have helped me reconnect to my true desires and resource energy to achieve them.

Using these modalities alongside 1:1 mentoring and group programs, I help others imagine and invent their own magic so they can live with more joy, freedom, playfulness, self-expression and wonder.

Ah, yes… I am also a mindful writing mentor and encourage others to become fierce awakened writers who light up the world with their words, stories and experiences.

There’s more, of course. That’s the way of the 21st Century multi-passionate pioneer and way-maker.

I am a certified mindfulness meditation guide, completing my 100-hour teacher training with David Nichtern, a senior Buddhist teacher, and in conjunction with Tibet House in New York City. I am also a certified facilitator of The Emotional Tour movement experience, created by The Emotional Institute’s founder Bernadette Pleasant. In these spaces, I invite in the deep emotional release and healing that comes when we allow our minds, bodies and hearts to slow down and move in our natural rhythms.

Jenn Baljko, a passionate and dedicated writer from Always on My Way's Fierce Awakened Women mentorship program, immersed in the creative process. With pen in hand and a focused expression, Jenn brings her stories to life, inspiring others to embrace their own writing journeys and unleash their unique voices.

I have lived for many years now in and around Barcelona, and I am celebrating the phase of life I call  "Being a 50-year-old crone who giggles often, dances in circles, and lets joy lead."

I’m here to fire up your dreams.

I’m here to listen.

I’m here to make life less lonely.

I’m here to spark meaningful conversations and genuine, heart-felt personal growth.

I’m here to show you your creative superpowers.

I’m here to help cultivate joy as your essence.

I’m here to inspire you to say YES! to life’s invitations and begin reshaping your life as a series of profound human experiences.

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