"A journey that reaches into the heart of every woman"

– Jeralyn Glass

Professor, Sound Healing Pioneer, Author and Creator of Crystal Cadence


Fierce Awakenings

Calling in Courage and Confidence to Walk Life’s Spiral Path

Dive into "Fierce Awakenings," a collaborative book written by 12 remarkable women, including Jenn Baljko. Discover stories of resilience, personal growth, and empowerment that will inspire you to embrace your inner strength and live authentically. Experience the transformative power of this empowering literary journey.

We all walk life’s spiral path.

It is a journey pulling us inwards, upwards, and onwards, each time around to another expression of our highest potential.  

Fierce Awakenings give us the courage and confidence to be voluntarily vulnerable, bravely bold, and undeniably unique.

Go ahead, Fierce One!

Take the next step.

Walk with us for a little while along life's spiral path.

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True Stories from 12 Way-Making Women Who Know About Courage and Confidence

Her Story...Her Words.

Excerpts from co-authors

"To walk a spiral path is actually a feminine pilgrimage. We do not need to walk far or fast. Rather, we are called on and reminded to walk slowly, deliberately and deeply, wherever we are.

While this spiral path and these sacred sites have actually provided me with the map and the  pathway I needed to connect with my true self, the spiral path is actually available for all of us,  both within and outside of ourselves.

It is both an inner and an outer journey, accessible simply  through the asking."

– Sarah Hoskin, co-author


"My first step was to DECIDE what I wanted because things could not stay the way they  were. I knew that meant taking offthe SUPERWOMAN cape I wore like a badge of honor because it was not only very exhausting, it was also killing me, literally. 

One question kept weighing me down, 'What am I actually afraid of?'

Some thoughts scared the hell out of me. What if they don’t love me anymore?  What if they don’t want to be bothered with me anymore?  What if...

All the what if’s drove me to misery."

– Josette Mills, co-author


"When I was two, I climbed a colossal oak tree in our yard and couldn’t get down. As the firefighters rescued me, I squinted into the horizon of limitless possibilities and thought, 'Someday, I will go to the far edges of the world!'

At fifty-two years old, I stepped towards freedom. The American dream my parents achieved was as far out of reach for me now as twenty-five years earlier when I started my university journey. While my white privilege helped–I worked with wealthy clients for whom I did manual labor to earn a man’s wage and my graduate degree was acquired at a private university–I faced the challenges of being female, a single parent, and working day and night to gain financial prosperity in a capitalistic system that propagated income inequality."

– Susan K. Smith, co-author

Praise for Fierce Awakenings

"A journey that reaches into the heart of every woman"

"Fierce Awakenings is a journey that reaches into the heart of every woman, wherever she is on her spiral path. Through the telling of individual stories, this book lifts the vibration of all women moving through heartbreak, loss, grief, self-doubt, personal pivots, and professional reinvention. It energizes and empowers us to discover more of who we are, and invites us

to embrace, embody, and raise the frequency of our consciousness, awareness, and present-moment experience.”

– Jeralyn Glass
Professor, Sound Healing Pioneer, Author
Creator of Crystal Cadence

"The stories are profound – the lessons are priceless..."

“Fierce Awakenings is a magnificent convergence of divine feminine energy that lovingly guides us to boldly step into our power & own our impact.

The stories are profound – the lessons are priceless.”


Author of Sacred Powers

"Each author invites us to be who we truly are without shame, guilt or compromise..."

"Fierce awakenings are waiting to be claimed when women listen to their hearts…when they stop people-pleasing…when they question society’s expectations… when they literally or figuratively burn away what no longer serves them....Each author invites us to be who we truly are without shame, guilt or compromise. They remind us that we can say, 'Yes. I am here,

and I do matter.'"

– Bernadette Pleasant

Founder of The Emotional Institute

Transformational Public Speaker

"Be captivated by the powerful wisdom it imparts..."

"The world desperately needs more fiercely awakened women—women with hearts brimming with compassion, minds ablaze with brilliance, and the courage to articulate the truth of their unique experiences.
This illuminating book offers a kaleidoscope of perspectives, each author exploring new insights, profound understandings, and transformative awakenings. I passionately encourage everyone to dive into its pages
and be captivated by the powerful wisdom it imparts."

– Scott W. Mills, Ph.D.
Executive Coach

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Meet the Authors

Twelve way-making women show you the moments

that broke their hearts wide open...the pivots they made to reclaim their inner truth...

and the steps they took towards a greater sense of authenticity, belonging, and freedom.

headshot of Shawna Burkholder

Jenn Baljko

Lead Author

headshot of Shawna Burkholder

Shawna Burkholder

headshot of Nicole Fabian

Nicole Fabian

headshot of Roxanna Figueroa

Roxanna Figueroa

headshot of Kathy Gates

Kathy Gates

headshot of Sarah Hoskin

Sarah Hoskin

headshot of Ellison James

Ellison James

headshot of April Lee

April Lee

headshot of Josette Mills

Josette Mills

headshot of Wendy Peterman, Ph.D.

Wendy Peterman, Ph.D.

headshot of Susan K. Smith

Susan K. Smith

headshot of Joanna Lynn Steffel

Joanna Lynn Steffel



Turn up your courage.

Walk with confidence.

Feel a little bit more fierce, fun, and fantastic!

Each chapter serves as a mile marker

on the continually unfolding path to wholeness.

This book is for you if you want to:

  • Discover what lies in the center of your experience and what evolves from that center point

  • Bridge your grief and love to illuminate deeper knowing and wisdom

  • Heal the wounds of your heroine’s journey and rise above long-lived shame, pain and discontent

  • Trust what calls to you now, and feel safe and empowered to take the next step

  • Shine with grace and integrity as you unwrap the gift you’re now meant to show the world

Dive into "Fierce Awakenings," a collaborative book written by 12 remarkable women, including Jenn Baljko. Discover stories of resilience, personal growth, and empowerment that will inspire you to embrace your inner strength and live authentically. Experience the transformative power of this empowering literary journey.

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What Our First Readers Discovered in Our Book

"A symphony of women's voices"

"The Fierce Awakenings anthology is a symphony of women's

voices, with each narrative echoing deeply with authenticity

and raw emotion. These stories spiral—meandering into the

depths of the self as they simultaneously spiral outward,

capturing the intricate dance between internal exploration

and the external world. The women you encounter within

this book’s pages are living, breathing testimonies of


Creative Life and Book Coach,
Founder of the online Creativity Cafe

"An invitation to find magic in our mundane"

"This is a simple and touching compilation of true stories

from remarkably real women. These stories reveal to us

that awakening is not some far off idea for women granted

special powers and privilege. Rather, it is a way of living

where we meet our lives from the fullness of our fear,

our anger, our joy, and our courage to be available

for life as it unfolds in and through us. Fierce Awakenings

is an invitation for each of us to find magic in our mundane,

beauty in our pain, and meaning through meeting the precious

ingredients of our lives nakedly as ourselves.

– Katherine Zorensky
Shaman, Author

Founder of the Technology of Love

"This book tells us what's right with us"

"As women, we are often steeped in What's wrong with me!

This book tells us what's right with us. Wonderful gems of

'moving inward and upward' remind me the work of self-

discovery is never done. Each chapter helps peel the onion

back on the many layers of our own life's adventure to be

'voluntarily vulnerable and boldly brave.'"




– Donna Lubrano
Professor of International Business
and Virtual Exchange/COIL Expert

"Reuniting me with pieces of myself"

"I felt she had shined a light on my own life, reuniting me with pieces of myself which had long been thought of as flaws, now understanding they’re part of the gifts I bring to my relationships and the world.”

-Noni White

Actress, Screenwriter

What does it take to keep walking life's spiral path?

The authors share excerpts from their chapters and insights from their journeys.

Answering the Call

What's the story behind the story?

A tale from the spiral path by Jenn Baljko, lead author

The idea came during one of those in-between pandemic periods of confinement and freedom, when that wind that sometimes whispers to me gave me a message.

 “Bring them together. Let everyone see their gifts. Share their stories.” 

I stared out of the train window, watching the full moon shimmer on the vineyards, hoping I  could ignore the cryptic message from who-knows-where that just fell into my heart. 

“Bring who together, to do what?” I ventured telepathically, wondering what new invitation had  inadvertently pulled into my already-full life. 

“The women, of course,” the wind answered.

It took several months for me to act on that call. At first, I didn't want this particular call. I was too busy, and I tried to ignore it. But the nudge persisted, often beckoning me to see the joy and possibility in the choice to move this project forward.

When I finally saw the potential and gave me full YES!, all the pieces came together, slowly and steadily, one step at a time.

I chose Red Thread Books, headed up by fierce and fun Sierra Melcher, to publish the book. Red Thread is an indie publisher on a mission to support 10,000 women in becoming successful published authorpreneurs and thought leaders. An inspired synchronicity for the women I knew who had stories to tell...and were ready to tell them!

In late January 2023, I began to invite women into the project. By March, 11 AMAZING women, many of them first-time authors, answered the call and also gave their full YES! to this very special invitation.

We gathered in Zoom rooms. We pulled oracle calls. We danced. We wrote. We worried. We found courage. We edited. We wrote some more. We edited again, and again. We wavered, and we stood taller with the confidence that we were going forward in a fortunate direction.

And, voila! Little by little, we created a book!

Each chapter, each co-author, offers a unique gift: A lived experience that became a turning point that sparked a courageous reinvention and led to the confidently fierce and fantastic women you'll read about in Fierce Awakenings.

We hope you enjoy our book.

We hope, too, that you find the gem of wisdom that will help you take your next step on your spiral path. It doesn't matter if it's a gigantic leap or an itsy-bitsy step. What matters most is that you keep choosing to take a step and keep walking the curves of the spiral path.

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  • Invent the next phase of your spiral path

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