"A decisive and personal guide to overcome deep rooted fears"

– Barbara Jenkins, bestselling author of So Long As It's Wild


Dive into "Fierce Awakenings," a collaborative book written by 12 remarkable women, including Jenn Baljko. Discover stories of resilience, personal growth, and empowerment that will inspire you to embrace your inner strength and live authentically. Experience the transformative power of this empowering literary journey.

My New Book!

Fear grabs our attention.

Courage moves us into action.

But what happens in between fear and courage?

Something that matters the most.

Our choices.

It's not a straight line

from fear to courage.

Emotional stepping stones

mark our path.

Our emotional journey

shapes our decisions.

50+ years of accumulated courage, a longtime facade of fearlessness,

and a 16,000-kilometer walk across two continents
offered me those lessons. ⤴

Thank goodness you don't have to walk that far to have this kind of breakthrough!

I save you the trouble with this collection of personal stories, worksheets, journaling prompts

and practical, hands-on exercises aimed at boosting your confidence as you walk life's spiral path.

If you can learn how to navigate the journey from fear to courage,

you'll find yourself making better, more soul-aligned choices.

The In Between shows you how to start and why it's a worthy adventure!

From The In Between...

Words to Carry with You

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Praise for The In Between

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"Jenn's journey from fear to courage is highly inspiring.

A unique book that helps us be more adventurous."

Francesc Miralles, co-author of the international bestseller Ikigai

“After walking three and a half years across Asia and Europe, Jennifer Baljko reinvented herself and exchanged fear for courage.

The In Between: Journeying from Fear to Courage is a decisive and personal guide to overcome deep-rooted fears and march into the world as a fun and fantastic person–without having to walk across two continents.”

Barbara Jenkins, bestselling author of So Long As It's Wild

"The In Between is captivating! It is inspiring and enriching! The combined inner and outer journeys Jenn Baljko shares are intimate and compelling. The nuances she explores in the space between fear and courage helps us appreciate the incredibly rich possibilities we discover when we befriend our emotions.

In my many years of work helping others build their emotional literacy, I’ve not come across a better book to guide the way. I strongly encourage you to immerse yourself in the author’s experiences and learning. There is no better companion on your life journey than The In Between."

Dan Newby, author of The Unopened Gift: A Primer in Emotional Literacy and The Field Guide to Emotions

This is a beautiful deconstruction of a massive adventure,

from her heart to paper via all the emotions available.

Sarah Marquis, National Geographic Explorer, adventurer, and author of Wild By Nature

We've had good luck on Amazon!

During launch week, the book hopped through Amazon's universe and, for a while, enjoyed high rankings in several categories including Hiking & Walking Travel, Personal Transformation & Spirituality, Women's Personal Spiritual Growth, Literary & Religious Travel Guides, Adventure Travel (Books), and Mental & Spiritual Healing.

My publisher, Sierra Melcher from Red Thread Publishing, holding the final hardcover proof before we hit the publish button and sent the book out into the world with this wish: May the people who need this book, find it. May it ripple.

Let's Start a New Conversation

About Fear and Courage

“Put on your big-girl panties, and carry on.”

“Do it scared.”

“Fortune favors the bold.”

Growing up in a world where there was no time or tolerance for fear, a generation of women–my generation of women–were encouraged to build a facade of fearlessness. We learned how to bypass other emotions, and use our courage as the antidote for nearly every hard thing we achieved in life.

Donning courage as a constant solution, though, is exhausting. Let’s reinvent a new model to carry us beyond our midlife triumphs and into the crone space of lived wisdom.

The first step is understanding that there is not always a straight line between fear and courage. More often than not, a range of other, often overlooked and misunderstood, emotions inform and influence our reactions, our choices, and our actions.

The In Between: Journeying From Fear to Courage is a creative nonfiction collection of personal stories that aim to inspire new conversations and reflections about how we greet fear, walk through comfortable and uncomfortable emotions, and arrive to a heart-full of courage that leads us onwards and upwards.

The book–based primarily on lessons learned from a 16,000-kilometer walk from Bangkok to Barcelona–helps us identify patterns we bring to our choice points and decision-making process, and, with that knowledge, make better and more aligned soul choices.

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  • Distinguish your fear impulses

  • Journey through different kinds of emotions

  • Mindfully choose a next step with a heart full of courage

  • Practice strengthening your resilience, patience, and self-compassion with movement and journaling prompts

Free Masterclass for The In Between. A perfect companion for Jenn Baljko's book.

Praise for The In Between

"It's one thing to understand, intellectually, that the treasure we seek is in the cave we fear. It is quite another thing to run headlong into the terror of uncertainty armed with only boots, a backpack, and a dream.

Jenn Baljko's inspirational odyssey extends much farther than the miles she walked between Barcelona and Bangkok. Hers is a journey from gumption to grit to grace, and we readers are invited to follow in her footsteps through practical exercises and journal prompts.

If you're ready to claim your treasure, step into the cave with this book as your guiding light.”

Adrienne MacIain, Ph.D., bestselling author of the Creative Living for All series

"Ready to explore what fear and fearlessness looks like for you?

The In Between: Journeying from Fear to Courage is a midlife elixir for women who are ready to look within to excavate their truest, deepest, most authentic selves.

Jenn's three year plus, cross-continental journey serves as the backdrop for building courage amid the fear. The truth: It's an inside job. My journey will look nothing like yours.

If you're ready to open your heart and mind and see where it leads you on this fear/courage journey, this book is a beautiful and compelling invitation to play and explore what's possible. It can't help but change you in the most empowering and exquisite ways."

Wendy Battles, host of the Reinvention Rebels podcast

A fascinating and useful read. This writer is always thinking

of others and how her experiences might be used to make positive

change in the world. She shows us that every step of life contains multitudes and the possibility to engage consciously with ourselves

and other people.

Ursula Martin, author of One Woman Walks Wales & long-distance walker

"In her book, The In Between, Jenn not only gives her readers a taste of what this journey was really like, she also explores all the emotions that she went through. She gives the reader a journaling experience and activities to delve into their own emotions. This creates a beautiful woven experience for the reader connecting them to Jenn’s journey and deep emotional spiral path.

It is hard to describe what happens to you, as the reader.

You, too, are transformed, just like Jenn, you experience her complex emotional journey, and you have one of your own.

I walked away with more understanding of her two-continent adventure, and although I won’t be doing that any time soon,

I certainly can relate and appreciate all the complexities that Jenn allows us to explore."

Jessica Goldmuntz Stokes, award-winning author of Seeking Clarity in the Labyrinth, a Daughter’s Journey Through Alzheimer’s (Nautilus Book Awards), and contributor to Red Thread anthologies Planting the Seed (Nautilus Book Awards), Notes from Motherland, and By the Light of the Moon

The In Between: Journeying from Fear to Courage is like an offering, a road map and guide, viewed through the lens

of Jenn's own life challenges. Navigating the narrows between

our own fears and courage often feels vulnerable and terrifying, and yet, we manage to navigate them with grace despite our trepidation.

Sometimes bearing witness to someone else's journey and shared wisdom allows us to dig a little deeper into our soul

and journey on. Something powerful happens when you realize you have overcome every challenge, using fear and pain not

as a limitation, but as a catalyst to become the glorious, courageous being you have always been.

Wendy Hutchinson, quantum soul healer, author of Finding the Path of Me, and host of The Path of Me podcast

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